Low Energy House

Low Energy House - Zero Energy House - Eco Friendly House

Zero Energy House is a general term applied to a house that consumes no carbon and emits no carbon to the atmosphere. A house may be considered to be a zero energy house if 100 per cent of the energy it consumes comes from a renewable source, even if this renewable source is off-site

Zero Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions

Zero Energy House, Scotland - Image Provided by EcoArc ArchitectsSavings in energy consumption and carbon emissions can be measured in different ways:-

  • Where the amount of energy from on-site renewable energy sources is equal to the amount of energy used by the house.
  • Where the amount of energy that the zero energy house generates is equal to the amount of energy which the house consumes. (Including the energy lost in the transmission of electricity).
  • Where the cost of purchasing energy is equal to the income from sales of the electricity produced from renewable sources and sold to the electricity network. (It should be noted that the cost of importing energy from the network will be greater than that for exporting it).

Zero Energy Houses

Zero energy houses will adopt a variety of different types and combinations of low energy and renewable energy technologies depending on: climate, location, building design, personal preferences, availability and their cost.

In order to ensure that these technologies make the dwelling operate efficiently in all seasons, is comfortable to live in and complies with the demanding zero energy standards, it is advisable to obtain professional advice from appropriately qualified building professionals

Grants and incentives are available for Energy Saving Measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation, as Renewable Energy Technologies

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