Low Energy House

Low Energy House - Low Energy House Design

A Low Energy House will provide thermal comfort, healthy living, lower heating costs and a high degree of user satisfaction.

Stonebridge Hillside Hub - Image Provided by Edward Cullinen ArchitectsThe Low Energy House Website provides an introduction to the principles of low energy house design in New-build houses as well as House Renovation and Redevelopment Projects

A Low Energy House used to be defined as a house whose energy consumption was at a level below that demanded by current building standards.

The Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations are now demanding much more stringent standards of energy efficiency for all new-build houses, making them all Low Energy Houses. The Low Energy House Design examples featured include: Timber Framed House, Zero Carbon House, Eco House and more.

Low Energy House Design - House Insulation

House Insulation is the most important of all energy conservation measures because it has the greatest impact on energy expenditure. In the average new house, well designed and installed insulation can reduce the amount of heat lost through the building envelope by at least half. The parts of the building envelope featured include: Loft Insulation, Rafter Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Suspended Timber Ground Floors, Solid Ground Floors and more.

Low Energy House Design - House Insulation Materials

The House Insulation Materials pages include the most effective and popular insulation materials. The insulation materials featured include: Aerogel Insulation, Cellulose Fibre, Sheep Wool, Rigid Urethane, Glass Wool Insulation and more.

Low Energy House Design - Green Makeovers

Existing homes can be given Green Makeovers in the form of modifications and improvements to the building envelope and heating services. The Green Makeovers measures featured include: Loft Insulation Materials, Cavity Fill Insulation, Double Glazed Windows, and more.

Low Energy House Design - Low Energy Building

The designers of Low Energy Houses will employ Low Energy Building techniques to reduce costly heat losses through the building envelope. The features include: Breather Membranes, Triple Glazing and more.

Low Energy House Design - Low Energy Technology

A Low Energy House will take advantage of Low Energy Technology, in order to reduce the need for traditional technologies which can be inefficient and consume large quantities of fossil fuel energy, in use. The Low Energy Technology featured includes: Sun Tube Lights, Rainwater Harvesting, Micro-CHP Units and more.

Low Energy House Design - Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is energy that occurs naturally and repeatedly in the environment. This can be energy from water, wind, sun or heat from the ground. Renewable Energy can also be produced from biomass, plant sources, such as wood or crops grown specifically as a fuel. The Renewable Energy measures featured include: Solar PV, Solar Tiles, Small Wind Turbines, Small Scale Hydro and more.

Grants and incentives are available for Energy Saving Measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as most of the Renewable Energy Technologies featured

Low Energy House - Low Energy House Design