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www.cat.org.uk - Centre for Alternative Technology, Powys

www.ecocentre.org.uk - West Wales Eco Centre, Newport

www.gwll.org.uk - Groundwork Leicester

www.hockertonhousingproject.org.uk - Hockerton Housing Project

www.syec.co.uk - South Yorkshire Energy Centre

www.theyellowhouse.org.uk - Eco-Terraced House

Sustainable Building

www.energysavingtrust.org.uk - Information and Advice on Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation

www.aecb.net - Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) - independant environmental building trade organisation for the UK.

www.breeam.org - Assessing the Environmental Performance of Buildings

www.bre.co.uk - Building Research Establishment (BRE) - Includes 'Centre for Sustainable Construction' providing expertise to help reduce environmental impact and associated costs spanning the whole life cycle of a building.

www.ecoconstruct.com - Construction Resources - An eco builders' merchant

www.ecohouseagent.com - Eco House Agent - advice on being environmentally friendly

www.greenbuilder.co.uk - Green Builder - links to matters of green building in the UK

www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk - Building Store - an eco builders' merchant

www.greenmoves.co.uk - Green Moves - dedicated to advertising homes for sale that are more energy efficient than conventional homes.

www.greenshop.co.uk - Green Shop - sell a wide range of eco-building and household products

www.sustainablehockerton.org - Sustainable Hockerton - local action for sustainability

www.greenspec.co.uk - GreenSpec - Encyclopedia of Sustainable Construction

www.natural-building.co.uk - Natural Building Technologies - an eco builders' merchant

www.pipersnursery.com - One of the Best Day Nurseries in Chester

www.spongenet.org - Sponge - Sustainable Energy Network

www.sdg-nottinghamshire.org.uk - The Sustainable Developer Guide - useful for those involved in the development process; particularly planning and design

www.sd-commission.org.uk - Sustainable Development Comission - support for sustainable initiatives

www.sustainablehomes.co.uk - Sustainable Homes promotes awareness of sustainable development

www.goodhomes.org.uk - The Good Homes Alliance - promote sustainable homes and communities

www.zedfactory.com - Zed Factory

Energy Efficiency and Renewables Organisations

www.capture-energy.co.uk - Capture Energy Ltd - Design, supply and installation packages for renewable and natural energy

www.carbontrust.co.uk - Carbon Trust promotes low carbon energy saving

www.dti.gov.org - Department of Trade and Industry

www.eaga.co.uk - Energy Action Grants Agency

www.energysavingtrust.org.uk - Energy Saving Trust

www.freesource.co.uk - Freesource Energy - Designers, suppliers and installers of renewable energy technologies

www.icax.co.uk - Icax Ltd - Interseasonal Heat Transfer combines solar collection in summer with heat storage in ThermalBanks to double the Coefficient of Performance of ground source heat pumps in winter

www.r-e-a.net - Renewable Energy Association - UK's largest renewable energy association

www.superhomes.org.uk - The Sustainable Energy Academy promotes education and action to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and communities. It is currently spearheading Old Home SuperHome, which is a network of exemplar, old dwellings which have undergone an energy-efficiency retrofit.


www.heatproject.co.uk - Heat Project - Energy Efficiency Insulation Scheme

www.nationalinsulationassociation.org.uk - National Insulation Association

www.nea.org.uk - National Energy Action - promoting energy services for heating and insulation

Heat Pumps

www.gshp.org.uk - Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Biomass Burners

www.biomassenergycentre.org.uk - Biomass Centre

www.fsc-uk.org - Forestry Stewardship Council

www.logpile.co.uk - LogPile - directory of local wood suppliers

Solar PV

www.solarfusionltd.co.uk - Solar Fusion Ltd - Supplier of advanced solar power systems

www.micropower.co.uk - Home Based or Small Scale Energy Generation

www.energenv.co.uk - Energy & Environment Ltd - Design, Supply and Installation of Solar PV Panels

www.solcentric.co.uk - Solar PV and Renewable Energy Systems

Solar Heating

www.vaillant.co.uk - Solar Thermal Heating

Rainwater Collection

www.rainharvesting.co.uk - The Green Shop

www.freerain.co.uk - Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Rainwater Management Sustems

Wind Systems

www.bwea.com - British Wind Energy Association- Information on Wind and Tidal Energy

www.ewea.org - European Wind Energy Association- Information on Wind Energy

www.wwindea.org - World Wind Energy Association- Information on Wind Energy

www.awea.org - British Wind Energy Association- Information on Wind Energy

Hydro Power

www.british-hydro.org - British Hydropower Association

www.hydropower.org - International Hydropower Association

www.esha.be - European Small Hydropower Association

www.hydro.org - National Hydro Power Association

Combined Heat and Power

www.chpa.co.uk - Combined Heat and Power Association

www.chp-info.org - Combined Heat and Power

Anaerobic Digestion

www.adnett.org - The European Anaerobic Digestion Network

www.defra.gov.uk - Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs - Anaerobic Digestion

www.afbini.gov.uk - Agri-Food and Bioscences Institute - Anaerobic Digestion

www.environment-agency.gov.uk - Environment Agency - Anaerobic Digestion

www.businesslink.gov.uk - Business Link - Anaerobic Digestion

Energy Saving Services

www.airpressuretesting.net - Air Pressure Testing in Buildings

www.angliaairtesting.co.uk - Air Pressure Testing Buildings in the East Anglia Region

www.capcarbon.co.uk - Promoting a Range of Energy Saving Products

www.chilternfire.co.uk - Chiltern Dynamics Energy Services

www.enactenergy.com - Energy Consultants

www.energy-saving-expert.co.uk - Energy Saving Expert Ltd

www.etophouse.com - SAP Calculations and Air Pressure Tests

www.haven-consulting.co.uk - Haven Consulting Ltd - Energy Performance Certificates

www.leematech.co.uk - Air Pressure Testing in Buildings

www.saveenergyuk.com - Save Energy UK - Renewable & solar Energy Consultants

www.syntegra-epc.co.uk - Syntegra Consulting Ltd - Building Services Engineers and Energy Consultancy

Publishers and Information

www.buildingcentre.co.uk - Building Centre - Building Product Exhibition and Information Centre

www.buildingforafuture.co.uk - Building for a Future Magazine - independant journal for green building professionals and enthusiasts

www.greenprogress.com - Green Progress - news on environmental technology and green innovations

Green Building Press - Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings

www.ingentaconnect.com - The Home of Scholarly Research

www.info4study.co.uk - Info 4 Study - information for built environment students and practitioners

www.naturalhomes.org - Natural Homes - natural building courses and and volunteer opportunities

www.newbuilder.co.uk/greenpro/login.asp - Greenpro - Green product directory

www.permaculture.co.uk - Permanent Publications - publisher of books which encourage people to live a more healthy, self-reliant and ecologically sound way of life

www.pan-uk.org - Pesticide Action Network - working to eliminate the dangers of toxic pesticides

www.powerwatch.org.uk - Powerwatch - electrical and electro-magnetic field awareness

www.selfbuild.co.uk - Self Build - Build It magazine and Build It exhibitions

www.selfbuildanddesign.com - Self Build & Design Magazine

www.the-self-build-guide.co.uk - The Self Build Guide - Information Website

www.zeri.org - Zero Emissions Research Initiative - ZERI is a global network of creative mind seeking solutions to world challenges


www.greenenergyjobs.com - Green Energy Jobs - jobs in Renewables

www.jobrapido.co.uk - Jobrapido - Ecology Job Search

www.renewableenergyjobs.co.uk - Renewable Energy Jobs - Careers in renewable energy

Education and Training

www.bootsontheroof.com - Training for the Renewable Energy Industry

www.dorsetruralskills.co.uk - DCRS - Dorset Centre for Rural Skills

www.eco-schools.org.uk - Eco-Schools Award Scheme

www.ecoskies.com - Ecoskies - Renewable Training

www.greendragonenergy.co.uk - Green Dragon Energy - Course on Renewable Energy and Solar Energy

www.rounded-developments.org.uk - Sustainable Building Information Centre

www.segalselfbuild.co.uk - WSSBT - A UK Trust which Helps People to Build their Own Homes

www.unitek.com - Training for the Renewable Energy Industry