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Insulating the building envelope is the most important of all energy conservation measures because it has the greatest impact on energy expenditure. In the average house, well designed and installed insulation can reduce the amount of heat lost through the building envelope by at least half

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  • Glass wool insulation and Rock Wool insulation materials are efficient fibrous insulating materials that are fire proof and commonly installed in lofts and external cavity walls
  • Urethane insulation is a highly efficient insulating material that can achieve very low U-values with minimum material thickness
  • Phenolic insulation is a highly efficient insulating material that has better fire properties than other rigid foam plastic boards
  • High density polystyrene insulation boards are popular for insulating roofs and ground floors as they are a highly efficient insulant with a high compressive strength
  • Cellulose insulation is an efficient insulant that has low embodied energy as it is produced from recycled paper
  • Sheep wool insulation is a sustainable material and its low conductivity compares favourably with other fibrous insulants
  • Aerogels are extremely low density solids with remarkably high insulating properties
  • Foil Insulation is a very effective insulant when installed adjacent to an unventilated air space
  • If the external walls are constructed of solid masonry then insulated dry lining can be applied internally

Insulation Materials - Building Regulations

Minimum legal requirements for thermal performance in buildings have been introduced and tightened up progressively, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

It may be desirable to increase the thickness of insulation to further improve the thermal comfort of the dwelling and make more savings. In the context of the insulation project, extra thicknesses of insulation can often be provided for little extra cost

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