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Low Energy House - The Home of Energy Saving

The Low Energy House website provides an introduction to the principles of low energy house design in new-build houses as well as house renovation and redevelopment projects

Zero Energy Housing - Image Provided by ARUPLow Energy House Website

The Low Energy House website provides information to enable architects, house designers, house builders and landlords to deliver comfortable, energy efficient and affordable homes that will help the environment and help reduce fuel poverty.

The Low Energy House website also creates an opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of house building components to showcase energy saving products and renewable energy technologies which will help reduce our reliance on fossil fuel energy.

Low Energy House Design

The terms, 'low energy house’, ‘low carbon house’, ‘eco-house’ and 'green building' are increasingly used by architects and house designers. This reflects the radical changes that are occurring in the way buildings are being designed and constructed to reduce environmental impact. 

Low Energy House - Insulation

Insulating the building envelope is the most important of all energy conservation measures because it has the greatest impact on energy expenditure. In the average house, well designed and installed insulation can reduce the amount of heat lost through the building envelope by at least half.

Zero Energy Housing - Image Provided by ARUPRenewable Energy

Renewable energy occurs naturally and repeatedly in the environment. It can be provided by water, wind, sun or geothermal heat, from the ground. Renewable energy can also be produced from biomass and plant sources such as wood or crops, grown specifically as a fuel.

Energy Efficiency

Before considering renewable energy for an existing house, it is advisable to improve the energy efficiency of the house through improved insulation, draught proofing, low energy lighting and more sophisticated heating controls.

Low Energy Technology

As the building regulations demand more energy efficiency in houses, low energy technologies become more important. A low energy house will provide thermal comfort, healthy living, lower heating costs and a high degree of user satisfaction.

The Green Makeover section of the website provides information to make householders and home providers aware of the measures available to make existing homes more energy efficient, more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run


Low Energy House - The Home of Energy Saving